February 25, 2013

The New American Lawn: A New Approach to Lawn Care

Monday, January 14, 2013 at 10:03 am
Posted by Jonathan Green

Make this New Year a complete and responsible approach to your lawn care that provides real results.  Did you know that crabgrass does not grow in the shade?  That you can apply grass seed in early spring and still have a great lawn by summer?  You can spot treat your lawn problems and avoid blanket applications over all your lawn?  Why do the same lawn routine for the past 10+ years if you still only have a C+ lawn?  Take charge of your lawn and break away from your annual lawn care program.  At Jonathan Green we call it the New American Lawn.  What a great idea!

A thick, healthy growing lawn is your best defense against weeds and insect and fungus.  You can kill all of the weeds, bugs and fungus and still have a lousy looking lawn.  To achieve a great lawn first you must start with genetically superior grass seed like our Black Beauty grass seed.  Stop buying the quick-fix fast growing cheap seed that is out on the market.  When you buy a car do you look for the cheapest one on the block?  No!  Next, we need a healthy, biologically active soil to grow any great plant whether it is a lawn, shrub or tomato.  What have you done for your soil lately?

Consider using a combination of traditional and organic lawn fertilizers on your lawn.  Traditional fertilizer, like our Green-Up Lawn Fertilizer, will start to green up the grass quicker in early spring when it is cooler than organic fertilizer.  The millions of individual grass plants that make up a lawn do not distinguish between sources of nitrogen in fertilizers.  Nitrogen is nitrogen, no matter what the food source, whether it is from a traditional or organic food source.  It is the same in the human body.  The body digests the protein in an Angus burger just the same as it does a soybean burger.  The reason that we want to be sure to add organic lawn fertilizers to our lawn care program is because they feed the soil life.  The enormous quantity of life contained in the soil, both microscopic and visible is involved in complex interactions.  These microorganisms and earthworms are important in the decomposition of organic materials resulting in the release of nutrients to grass plants.  Healthy soil is a living, breathing system.  This is a method whereby nature’s own laws of maintaining fertility are applied.

The application of Jonathan Green organic fertilizers will eventually increase the soil’s porosity making air and water, essential for a healthy growth, better able to penetrate the soil.  Relying strictly on synthetic forms of fertilizer ignores and condemns the beneficial biology of lawn soil life.  In time, these synthetics deplete and degrade the soil leading to unsustainable lawn maintenance.  Organic fertilizers, like our Organic Lawn Fertilizer and Natural Beauty Organic Fertilizer, offer an alternative to traditional fertilizers.  They work in conjunction with nature to ensure a healthy, good looking lawn.

A targeted approach to weed control is best and environmentally sound.  Why apply broadleaf weed control over every inch of your lawn when weeds are only growing in certain areas, maybe only 50% or less of your lawn?  You can use a combination Weed and Feed on these areas and a regular lawn fertilizer, like Green-Up Lawn Fertilizer, in the other areas.  This saves you money and the environment.  Or, you could apply a traditional lawn fertilizer on the whole lawn and also apply Lawn Weed Control granules without fertilizer to control broadleaf weeds.  This is similar to when the doctor prescribes you an anti-biotic for an infection for 10 days and then you go back to you healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet, rest and exercise.


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