September 17, 2013

Fix Up Your Lawn this Fall

It’s the best time of the year to seed
Fall is the best time for seeding.  The hot temperatures are behind us, the ground is warm and the nights are cool.  This fall seed your lawn with either Fall Magic or Black Beauty Grass Seed.  For best results be sure to loosen the soil before seeding with either a rake or a rented thatching machine.  If you have not mowed the lawn recently be sure to do so.  Remove all debris from the area like leaves, twigs, stones, etc.  You want the grass seed to be in contact with the soil.  After you have seeded gently drag the back of a rake over the area to press the seed into the soil.  Water the newly seeded area and keep it moist while the seed germinates.
Successful soil starts here
Would you try to grow your vegetable garden in just any kind of soil?  Most likely you would get some quality topsoil and make sure it is loose and crumbly before trying to plant anything.  The same goes for our lawns.  It is very difficult to grow grass in poor soil.  Now is the perfect time to take a soil test and see what your lawn soil needs.  The optimum soil pH to grow grass in falls between 6.0 to 6.8.  If your pH is too low apply Mag-I-Cal Calcium Fertilizer.  Mag-I-Cal is a highly soluble form of calcium that replaces lime.  It will rapidly raise the soil pH and release trapped nutrients in the soil making them available to the grass plants.

Soil compaction is the other reason many lawns are not successful.  Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil will help to loosen heavy, hard packed soils making them loose and crumbly.  It will also enhance grass root development which will help the grass get through the cold winter months.  Both Mag-I-Cal and Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil are organic products and should be applied the same day you seed your lawn. Soil pH Range

What else can you do to help improve your soil? Check this out!

Don’t forget to fertilize


grass crossection showing roots The fall is the best time to strengthen grass root systems before the winter months.  A strong root system means the grass will be able to better withstand the cold and revive in the springtime.  This fall apply Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer to your lawn.  This product contains humates which are important for root development.  It also has iron and sulfur to help give the lawn a deep-green color.




If you are looking for an organic option use Organic Lawn Fertilizer 8-3-1.  This all organic formula is homogenous and contains no fillers, manures or bio-solids.  Composed of high quality ingredients it also contains humates for root development.

Many states and townships have fertilizer regulations.  Be sure to check and see if your area has any ordinances in place for fertilizer applications.




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