Why Do it Best

Pleasants is an independent, family owned hardware business that is proud to be a member of the Do it Best Corp. Cooperative. By joining the Do it Best Cooperative with over 3,800 other member-owned locations throughout the United States and in 53 countries, Pleasants is able to better serve and provide its customers with a large range of products and services at competitive prices. Do it Best purchases products in large quantities and then sells in smaller quantities to the smaller independent retailers like Pleasants. This enables us to have the cost advantages of purchasing in bulk so we can then pass those savings on to customers, like you. Additionally, Do it Best member-owned retailers have consistent access to a broad range of products, services, training, expansion, and support.

Do it Best Corp. is the only US-based full-line, full-service, member-owned distributor of lumber, hardware, and building materials products in the home improvement industry. In addition to our low up-front prices, Do it Best Corp. provides members like Pleasants with consistently high year-end rebates. This enables them to reinvest in their stores by expanding merchandise selection, adding additional locations, and making capital improvements.

Do it Best Corp. delivers a long-standing history of strength and stability interlinked with industry-leading efficiency. For more information, please visit our website.


Do It Best