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Think. Shop. Buy. Local.

Think. Shop. Buy. Local. was created in 2009 to help spread the word about the many benefits that accrue to our community when you shop at locally owned businesses in RVA. Join the movement and show your support for the local economy and local businesses in your community!

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Westhampton Merchants Association

Pleasants is a member of the Westhampton Merchants Association, representing Libbie, Grove & Patterson ‘On the Avenues’ of Richmond’s historic West End neighborhood. This vibrant business district creates a unique destination that brings the community together.

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RMA retail merchants

Richmond Retail Merchants Association

Pleasants is a member of the Richmond Retail Merchants Association. In 1906, nine downtown Richmond retailers founded the Retail Merchants Association of Richmond so that their combined voices would be heard on retail issues. Today, it is a membership organization that continues to serve Richmond retailers.

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