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Spruce Up Your Backyard with These Easy DIY Ideas


As the weather begins to warm up, outdoor living becomes second nature for many families. With spending more time outside, having a space that is functional and customized to your needs can be a vital part of enjoying the warmer seasons. 

If you’re ready to spend more time outside, but haven’t quite made your backyard your own space yet, we’ve got just the DIY ideas you’re after. 

Use a Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

One of the first things you will want to tackle in your backyard space is ensuring that your deck, patio, or other outdoor surface is cleaned using a mold and mildew stain remover. Of course, a power washer can also do the trick, but we love to recommend 30 seconds Outdoor Cleaner as an affordable and easy way to remove any staining on any exterior surface. 

This stain remover is safe to use on patio furniture, tents, vehicles, and even boats. If your backyard has a mold or mildew problem, you’ll definitely want to apply this cleaner to freshen your space. 

Increase Functionality with Furniture

Patio furniture will not only add design elements to your outdoor space, but it will also add functionality. Both are incredibly important to building an outdoor living area that your family will utilize regularly. 

When considering patio furniture, try to picture how your family will use the space you’re creating. Are you all eating meals together? Using the space as a place to escape and relax? Both? Start with where your family will be most of the time and build out your space from there. 

Our outdoor catalog showcases our many patio sets that will give your space the functionality you need. From dinner tables and bar seating, to rocking chairs and porch swings—you can find exactly what your family needs.

Upgrade Your Grill Zone

Another key step to perfecting your outdoor space is to ensure your outdoor kitchen and grilling space is in good condition. Nothing can ruin a family BBQ like a grill being out of order… Check it now before you plan to cook a meal for your family. 

If you’re in the market for a new grill this season, be sure to check out our extensive offerings. From charcoal, to gas (one of our favorite brands include Weber), to more modern options like the Big Green Egg, your perfect outdoor kitchen grill is here. 

Consider Adding a Fire pit

A fire pit is a great way to add warmth and light to your backyard while also adding versatility. Backyard fire pits have come a long way over the years, and while traditional log fire pits are still great options, there are others families can consider. 

A gas fire pit table can be a great way to combine your need for patio furniture with a fire pit bonus. Not only are these extra functional, but they are also easy to maintain and simple to use (not wood required!). From roasting marshmallows to staying warm in the chillier evernings, your family will be creating many memories around a fire pit. 

Mulch Flower Beds, Trees, and Gardens

Depending on the size of your yard, mulching can feel like a daunting task. However, not only does it make your yard look like you had professional landscaping done, it also provides many benefits to your yard’s plants. If applied after germination and in a three inch layer, it can naturally prevent weeds from growing by blocking the sunlight to their seedlings. 

One of our favorite mulches to recommend to our customers is Scotts Naturescapes. This mulch keeps its vibrant color year round (and there’s multiple shades to choose from so you can customize your yard’s vibe) and helps your soil lock in moisture so your plants can grow to their utmost potential. 

● ● ●

Sprucing up your backyard can feel like a chore; however, we hope these DIY tips brought you some motivation to view your yard as a space to make your own. Truly, it’s an extension of your home, so making it feel more like your own space can make your warmer months more enjoyable. Have any questions? Stop by your neighborhood Pleasants Hardware and let our friendly staff help you with your DIY ideas. We can’t wait to see you!