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The Best Ways to Take Care of a Tropical Plant


The Best Ways to Take Care of a Tropical Plant

Tropical plants are the plant of choice for those looking for a way to add a colorful summertime addition to their patio our outdoor space. These plants often take little maintenance to care for, and once they bloom, they shine with vibrant colors that bring tropical flair to any landscape.

Tropical plants come in many different varieties, which makes it hard to figure out how to best take care of each one. Some require direct sunlight and lots of water, while some others can live off little sun and light misting. While it can be confusing to navigate these rules of green thumbs, there are some common care tips that you can use as a jumping off point.

In this post, we’ll list out some of those common tips and tricks for taking care of tropical plants outside in Richmond, Virginia.

Common Care Tips

Since tropical plants originate from warm, sunny areas of the world, it’s safe to guess that they’ll need similar treatment when placed around your home. 

For sunlight, many tropical plants should receive a lot of indirect sunlight, so you'll want to place them in areas that receive several hours of sunlight, but can get burned in direct, full sunlight.

While it varies, you should water your plants at least once every few days, and at most a week. If you’re unsure if it’s time to give them more water, check one inch below the soil, and if it’s dry, break out the watering can. Most tropical plants should be kept in soil and pots that allow for easy drainage but can retain some water to help with the humidity levels. 

Again, these are just general rules that apply to most tropical plants. If you want your plants to truly shine, you need to know about their specific needs and the types of fertilizer or plant food that will help them the most. Below are some of our most popular tropical plants that have some variation from the advice listed above. 


The Mandevilla is a popular tropical plant that comes in white, pink, and red. Often confused with the Dipladenia, these tropical plants taller more vine-like foliage where Dipladenias are smaller and more shrub-like. But, both plants have the same care and growth requirements.

When it comes to light, Mandevilla vines need some shade. They do well in bright, indirect light or filtered sunlight, but can get burned in direct, full sunlight.

Hibiscus Plants

Hibiscus is another Pleasants Hardware customer favorite! Whether the hibiscus tree or hibiscus bush, both of these tropical plants bring bright summertime color to any landscape. 

During the hot summer, it's important to water hibiscus daily to prevent them from dropping flowers due to overheating. Hibiscus enjoy full sun and will produce the most amount of flowers when in full sun. They also make wonderful container plants. 

If you’re looking for more fertilizers and pots for your tropical plants, check out the Pleasant’s Hardware online store for our entire gardening and plant care selection.