STIHL’s collection of easy-to-use chainsaws and yard tools are some of favorites to recommend to our customers at Pleasants Hardware. Their products make any backyard job easier and most efficient. 

From chainsaws to blowers to trimmers—STHIL has the high quality tool you’re looking for. 


STIHL is known for its strong performance as a tool for all kinds of yard work, but perhaps their most widely known product is their chainsaws. Engineered in Germany, but built in the United States, STIHL is the #1 selling brand of chainsaws in the world. 

Whether you’re looking for a chainsaw for home projects or commercial use, STIHL has a wide variety of chainsaws for your needs. Majority of STIHL’s chainsaws come equipped with anti-vibration technology to minimize vibrations, a Quickstop® chain brake for additional safety, and a Master Control Lever™ to make start-up as easy as possible. 


The best way to take care of weeds and overgrowth in your yard is to use a high quality trimmer and brushcutter. We love to recommend STIHL because of their large selection of shaft lengths, handle varieties, and power. STIHL offers homeowners the finest trimmers and also has the power necessary to help commercial projects finish the job.

Leaf Blowers and Leaf Vacuums

Leaf blowers are a staple in many Richmond homes and STIHL has the power to make your leaf blowing chores as easy as possible. STIHL carries a variety of blower options, from backpack to handheld. No matter the size of your yard, there’s a STIHL leaf blower right for you. 

If you’re looking for a vacuum in addition to a blower, STIHL has a variety of options for you as well. Not only do STIHL shredder vacuums have the ability to suck and shred leaves, they also have a blower capability, giving you the perfect two-in-one landscaping tool. 

Battery Powered Yard Tools

Whether you’re looking to bring more green initiatives into your life or you want to save on fuel, battery powered leaf blowers, trimmers, and even chainsaws are another STIHL specialty. The STIHL battery products feature three levels of performance so you can find the right tool for your yard and job. 

AI Series is built for convenience--these tools are small and lightweight with a rechargeable battery. These are ideal for small yards. 

AK Series is STIHL’s value series. These powerful products are great for suburban yards and provide long lasting battery sources with great tool capabilities. 

AP Series is STIHL’s most powerful series. These products are professional landscaping level and are great for very large yard or commercial uses. 


No matter what tool you’re in need of, STIHL has one to get the job done. Consider visiting your neighborhood Pleasants Hardware to get a recommendation and check out all of your STIHL options.