Many homeowners dream of growing and tending to a luscious green yard, but this goal can be difficult to achieve. When planting grass seed, it’s easy to plant unevenly, overwater or over fertilize the seeds which can kill the grass. 

In order to make this process easier, Pleasant’s Hardware has developed a unique brand of grass seed that makes it easier to grow beautiful lawn grass in Virginia.

Called Virginia’s Choice, this brand of grass seed is made in Oregon and has been tested in five different states to be optimized for Virginia’s soil and climate. The seeds are also infused with two growth technologies: Opti-Root and Aquawise. These work together to stimulate growth while helping to conserve water and fertilizer. 

While Virginia’s Choice makes it easier to grow grass, there are still some important steps to remember when planting this seed in your yard.

1. Lawn Care

Before planting your grass seeds, make sure your lawn or yard is in proper shape to even begin planting. Begin by removing any debris from the area, such as toys, furniture, even sticks and rocks. 

While Virginia’s Choice is designed for the state’s soil and climate, you should still check your soil’s pH levels to make sure it’s not too acidic or contains too much alkaline for the grass to grow. This article has tips on how to test your soil’s pH levels.

2. Optional Fertilizer 

This next step is actually optional thanks to Virginia’s Choice. The seeds are infused with fertilizer to encourage healthy growth along with the Opti-Root and Aquawise technologies. 

If you already have a fertilizer picked out, your grass will still be fine. While you don’t need to add additional fertilizer, this step can’t hurt your grass growth. So feel free to add fertilizer to your soil and further help feeding your seeds.

3. Planting The Right Way

Now that your lawn is ready for planting, you must make sure that you properly spread your Virginia’s Choice grass seeds. If done carelessly, your grass could grow in patches rather than cover the entire space.

For smaller yards, you can get away with a handheld spreader, while you should use a full-sized lawn spreader for bigger areas. Once spread across the lawn, use a rake to further bury the seeds at least a quarter inch into the ground so they have proper room to grow upwards.

Scotts Next Generation Handheld Spreader Image 1

Do it Best 16.25 In. Steel Bow Garden Rake (16-Tine) Image 1

4. Water, Water, and Water Some More 

Once your grass seeds are planting, it’s important to keep a consistent watering schedule. This part can be difficult in the beginning as the seeds need plenty of water but can drown in the soil if there’s too much water. We recommend buying a sprinkler, especially if you have a larger area to cover. This will save you time and hassle, as they’ll give your seeds the daily amount of water they need.

Proper watering is especially important for Virginia’s Choice seeds due to their Aquawise technology. This seed starting program helps the seeds conserve water, allowing the grass to last longer in drier climates.

Gilmour Metal Heavy-Duty Oscilliating Sprinkler Image 1

If you’re looking to give your Virginia lawn the best look possible with the easiest steps, then choose Virginia’s Choice grass seeds. These seeds are sold exclusively at Pleasant’s Hardware, and our staff is more than happy to answer any questions you have about the product. Get in touch with us today!